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This online Tour Operator & Portal to Israel site is part of our former 13 years' experienced tour agency HOLIT DESERT TOURS Ltd. It is a family business, run with professionalism, responsability and mainly, with the love we have for what we do!

At BeeTraveler, Israel online Guide and Tour Operator you will find a kind & eager team that will put all its knowledge and time to provide you with the best service available. 

BeeTraveler, Israel online Guide & Tour Operator is a portal for incoming tourism to Israel, offering a vast range of tourist services: Hotels & AccomodationTransportationGuidesGuided ToursOutdoor Activities & Attractions and a full guide to Israeli Modern Life.

BeeTraveler, Israel online Guide & Tour Operator is the most comprehensive tour guide to Israel on the internet covering all aspects of travelling & tourism in Israel, enabling the visitors to plan a perfectly organized tour to Israel.

At the JORDAN section you will find the same BeeTraveler, online Guide and Tour Operator for Jordan.

This user-friendly site will enable you to plan the best vacation in Israel for you and your family, according to your preferences, religion-orientation and budget goals.

Do not hesitate to contact us to ensure a perfect vacation in Israel and Jordan!

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