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Eilat represents the ideal starting-point for discovering this charming and fascinating world we call the desert, as we are at the junction of the most amazing deserts in the world! Explore with us the breathtaking Wadis of Eilat’s Mountain Reserve. Jeep tours can be booked privately for individuals & families: fascinating different trails in the most beautiful sceneries of the Mountains Reserve of Eilat, including: breath-taking viewpoints, Timna Valley,  Red Canyon, dry rivers and much more…. 

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Eilat & her surroundings offer a paradise for bike riders - beside great trails in the desert there is also a new bike path in the city, all along the way to the south border with Egypt (Taba border).

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Chan Shaharut is a desert guest house, “Sinai-style,” that offers peace, tranquillity and lots of quality time. It is located on the Haetekim Cliff at 540 meters above sea level, and from it the Edom Mountains and the Southern Arava stretch out, pure and deserted, almost with no human intervention.

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In the Arava region of Israel there is a very special place, the Incense and Spice Route Khan, where the tourist can feel the unique environment of the desert. About 2000 years ago a desert people, the Nabatean created trade routes in this area which allowed the transport of precious Incense of the Arabian Peninsula to the rest of the then civilized world.

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Kibbutz Lotan nestles amidst the beauty of the sun drenched Arava Valley in southern Israel, home to stunning desert birds such as the Little Green Bee-eater and Hooded Wheatear. Here the continents of Europe, Asia and Africa converge, forming a natural land bridge that sees literally hundreds of millions of migrants each year. In the heart of it all, the tiny community of Kibbutz Lotan has become recognized not only as an ‘oasis’ like migrant hotspot, but also an ideal facility committed to the enjoyment of desert birding, offering a diverse range of services.

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Timna Park is one of the biggest attractions in southern Israel. Only 17 miles north of Eilat, a visit to Timna is a great way to break your drive to Israel’s Red Sea Riviera. The star of Timna Park is Solomon’s Pillars, towering sandstone columns so perfectly formed that you might really think they were a gargantuan public works project initiated by the biblical king for whom they are named. 

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