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Megiddo National Park, encompassing the ancient biblical mound of Megiddo, whose universal value has won it a place on the UNESCO World Heritage List, is located at the western entrance to the Jezreel Valley in the Lower Galilee, on an important ancient and modern crossroad.

The performance includes a tour of Bet She’an National Park. We recommend visitors wear comfortable walking shoes and bring water.
“She’an Nights” is the only event of its kind in the world, featuring virtual images that will give you a sense of life in an exciting, vibrant city and treat you to a glimpse of thousands of years of historical events.

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The Bet Alfa synagogue, located in the Bet She’an Valley, was founded at the end of the fifth century CE. The synagogue consists of a courtyard, corridor, rectangular main hall with the spectacular mosaic floor, second-storey balcony and another room. 

An Aramaic mosaic inscription at the entrance to the synagogue reveals that the floor was laid during the reign of Justinian (apparently Emperor Justinian I). The other inscription, in Greek, mentions the mosaic’s artists, Marianus and his son Hanina.

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Mamshit, a Nabatean city in the Negev near the modern town of Dimona, rose to prominence because of its location on the road connecting the Mountains of Edom in Transjordan via the Arava Valley to Beer Sheva and north to Hebron and Jerusalem. At 40 dunams (10 acres), Mamshit is the smallest of the Negev's Nabatean cities. It is also the best restored, its once-opulent dwellings featuring architectural elements unknown in other Nabatean cities.

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Yarkon National Park, east of Tel Aviv, extends over 13,000 dunams (3,250 acres), It encompasses two focal points: Tel Afek (Antipatris) with its fortress overlooking the Yarkon springs, and the Yarkon sources, where the stream and its banks are rich in plant and animal life.

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This is a unique attraction from Japan and United States – you will receive a special fish massage which will be a relaxing and fascinating experience. Doctor fish is not just a fish; it is called so because in recent years more institutions have begun using this method worldwide especially in Japan and the U.S.

Dolphin Reef is the prettiest beach in Eilat with its sandy floor, it is also the best in Eilat for swimming. The dolphins are an added attraction and offer personal relationships between humans and dolphins.  It is also a popular location for experienced divers, diving schools, snorkelling, swimmers and sun worshipers all year round.

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The thermo mineral water at Hamat Gader, in Southern Golan Heights, has two important properties: heat and mineral-rich water content. The water from the spring gushes 500-700 cubic meters per hour, at a steady temperature of 42ºC.  Hamat Gader, a most popular site in Israel, combines unique recreational experiences, attractions and activities for families, groups and couples in luxurious facilities. 

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The Kineret played an important role in the early years of Christianity and has now become a pilgrimage site for many Christians.
The Kineret is Israel’s largest fresh water reservoir, and is also the country’s largest and most important source and reservoir of drinking water. 

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The Banias Spring emerges at the foot of Mount Hermon and flows powerfully through a canyon for 3.5 km, eventually leading to the Banias Waterfall, the most impressive cascade in Israel. Nine kilometers from its source, the Hermon Stream meets the Dan, and together they form the Jordan River.

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