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The performance includes a tour of Bet She’an National Park. We recommend visitors wear comfortable walking shoes and bring water.
“She’an Nights” is the only event of its kind in the world, featuring virtual images that will give you a sense of life in an exciting, vibrant city and treat you to a glimpse of thousands of years of historical events.

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The Underwater Observatory Marine Park in Eilat, israel offers visitors a fun-filled day seeing and experiencing the underwater life of the Red Sea. The Park maintains an extensive exhibition of fish and other living creatures from the Red Sea, including several aquariums, a Shark Tank, Turtle and Stingray Pool and two underwater observatories.

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King’s City in Eilat is an exciting, enjoyable one-of-a-kind theme park for the entire family: it is located on the Eilat’s north beach, close to the lagoon. Enjoy an unforgettable experience in the magnificent eye-catching castle with a journey in time and an abundance of interactive adventures using state-of-the-art technologies.

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