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Eilat is Israel's southernmost city and famous as a premier shore-based diving resort on the Red Sea. This area of the Red Sea offers breathtakingly beautiful coral reefs and an enchanting underwater world, where hundreds of varieties of fish and other marine life form. It is a paradise for scuba divers with water temperatures a constant 21-25 C° and with little or no currents and clear waters with an average of 20 - 30 meters visibility.

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Eilat represents the ideal starting-point for discovering this charming and fascinating world we call the desert, as we are at the junction of the most amazing deserts in the world! Explore with us the breathtaking Wadis of Eilat’s Mountain Reserve. Jeep tours can be booked privately for individuals & families: fascinating different trails in the most beautiful sceneries of the Mountains Reserve of Eilat, including: breath-taking viewpoints, Timna Valley,  Red Canyon, dry rivers and much more…. 

Dolphin Reef is the prettiest beach in Eilat with its sandy floor, it is also the best in Eilat for swimming. The dolphins are an added attraction and offer personal relationships between humans and dolphins.  It is also a popular location for experienced divers, diving schools, snorkelling, swimmers and sun worshipers all year round.

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